I’ve posted a couple of articles about my Wyze camera.

I’m still extraordinarily pleased with it, so much that I’ve expanded my usage.

I wanted to put one on each front corner of my house and keep the first one on my back porch.

While the Wyze cameras are sold as indoor, there are several vendors offering enclosures that seem to have pretty good reviews. I bought a 3-pack of these.

Then I bought 2 additional Wyze cameras and Wyze 32GB microSD cards.

In each location, I had an electrician put a receptacle for the USB power adapter inside my crawl space. Then I ran the USB cable through a hole in the soffit into the crawl space. I notched the base of the outdoor case to allow the USB cable to go underneath the base. Then I put the base of the outdoor case over the hole in the soffit. Works like a charm.

Running the cameras in SD mode gives 5–7 days of continuous video recording. SD mode is still 1920x1080. Here’s a sample of the video.

Originally published at https://blog.benmoore.info.

IT professional, Formula 1 fan

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