Vieux-Québec Monuments

Monument de la Foi

In Place d’Armes directly in front of Château Frontenac is Monument de la Foi (Monument of the Faith).

The park drops downhill from Château Frontenac to Rue Sainte-Anne and provides a shady spot to rest and soak in the activity.

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Monument de l’UNESCO

Just across Rue du Fort from Monument de la Foi is Monument de l’UNESCO.

We took lots of photographs of the landscaping surrounding Monument de l’UNESCO but they don’t really do it justice. The park crests a small (for Québec City) hill and the ground falls away from the photographer standing on ground level. This would be a perfect opportunity for a drone.

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Monument aux Communautés Religieuses Enseignantes

On the short walk to the neighborhood grocery store I came across Monument aux Communautés Religieuses Enseignantes.

It’s in the middle of a tiny roundabout (I told you Québec City feels like Paris). The houses surrounding it remind me of a village outside of Lyon.

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Monument Samuel-De Champlain

Near the Chateau Frontenac is Monument Samuel-De Champlain. Champlain was the founder of Québec City. Often there are street performers there that draw a crowd.

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Originally published at on September 28, 2017.

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