The Gallery at Monteagle

We collect McCarty Pottery. This has resulted in us making many trips to Merigold, MS. Harder still to acquire is the McCarty Monteagle Plate

This plate is only sold at the Gallery at Monteagle, TN. The Gallery is on the back porch of a cottage at the Monteagle Sunday School Assembly. The Gallery is open Monday through Friday 10AM to 12PM and 3PM to 5PM or by appointment ONLY during the session of the Monteagle Sunday School Assembly from early June to early August.

The back story is that the McCartys used to summer at the Monteagle Sunday School Assembly. They would take their pottery with them and offer it to the other residents. Lethia Watson had a cottage nearby and collected McCarty pottery. When the McCartys got older and sold their cottage, Lethia offered to keep a small collection of pottery on hand for other residents. She converted her back porch into a small gallery. In recognition of this the McCarty’s created a unique plate known at the Monteagle Plate. The Monteagle locals call it the Mountain Plate. Lethia died several years ago and a local resident now operates the Gallery.

We made an appointment with the Gallery and drove to Monteagle. The Monteagle Sunday School Assembly is a gated community. When you stop at the gate and tell them what you are there for they give you a map to get to the Gallery.

The hostess was sitting on the front porch when we arrived. We had a wonderful visit with her and she walked us through the cottage. Normally you enter the Gallery using the back porch steps. Going through the cottage you can see much of Lethia Watson’s collection.

You are only allowed to buy 1 plate but as there were 2 of us we bought 2. These were the last 2 plates in stock. The next day the hostess’ husband was driving to Merigold to restock.

We stayed at the nearby Sewanee Inn and had dinner at the High Point Restaurant.

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