I’ve posted about my Wyze cameras here and here.

They’ve been fun but most of the usage is to watch for my family to arrive in the driveway.

A couple of nights ago, a miscreant ran into the brick post holding the sign at the entrance to my neighborhood. I have a Wyze cam pointed right at that sign.

The snippets in the Wyze app gave me a starting place for searching.

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The one at 10:54PM turned out to be the one of interest.

Here’s the video I extracted.


While you can’t really make out the make and model, you can tell that it’s a compact SUV headed north. …

Last week I posted about a Better PDF Viewer in Google Chrome. As I did the research for that, I came across the PDF viewer in the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge.

Here’s what the new Google Chrome PDF viewer looks like:

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Here’s the same document in the Edge PDF viewer:

Viewing PDFs has been a source of vulnerabilities for years, particularly with Adobe’s own Acrobat Reader. I don’t even want to link to that one.

I’ve just been using the native PDF viewer in Google’s Chrome. My requirements aren’t very high. I just want to see the PDF and print it as needed.

Chrome is rolling out a new, more powerful PDF viewer. The update introduces a table of contents, a two-page view option, quick jump support, and more.

To enable the new PDF viewer, follow these steps:

  1. Load chrome://flags/#pdf-viewer-update
  2. Set the PDF Viewer Update flag to Enabled.
  3. Restart Google Chrome. …

The start of a new year is a good time to review a few things and make sure everything is right. Here’s my list of things I think you should check once a year.

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Some of the steps may be a little out of date but I think you can find your way around. If not, leave me a comment and I’ll help.

PayPal Preapproved Payments
Offline Backup
Certificate Store
Router Configuration
Windows Defender and Windows Defender Offline
Controlled Folder Access
System Restore

Originally published at https://blog.benmoore.info.

My router (Asus RT-AC68R) has a nice traffic monitor screen. I check it regularly. One day I noticed that the largest usage was attributed to QUIC.

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QUIC has taken all the best qualities of TCP connections and TLS encryption and implemented it on UDP.

What is QUIC?

Simple. QUIC stands for Quick UDP Internet Connection.

Yeah, right.

There’s a good explanation here. If that article is too simple for you, try this one.

QUIC has taken all the best qualities of TCP connections and TLS encryption and implemented it on UDP.

Here’s why:

1. Reduced connection times. To establish TLS encryption, the client and the server need to perform a TLS handshake and exchange encryption keys. QUIC replaces this with a single handshake.
2. Better performance when data packets are lost. The QUIC protocol allows streams of data to reach their destination independently. They no longer need to wait for the missing data packet to be repaired.
3. Stable connections when networks are changed. If you are connected to a web server via TCP and your network suddenly changes, QUIC allows for a smoother transition by giving each connection to a web server a unique identifier. These can be reestablished by simply sending a packet rather than establishing a new connection, even if your IP changes.
4. Easier to improve and develop. QUIC can be implemented on the application level, making it a more flexible protocol. …

In this time of virtual meetings, I’ve desired to record a couple of presentations.

I came across Windows 10’s Xbox Game Bar. It’s a standard feature in the latest versions of Windows 10.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on all hardware. It works on my ThinkPad but not on my big Asus desktop with a Radeon video card.

It’s incredibly easy to use. Just press Win+Alt+R to start your recording.

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That’s it. Then click the blue button to stop recording.

It creates an mp4 file in C:\Users\[your name]\Videos\Captures.

It couldn’t be easier.


This worked perfectly when I was recording a Zoom presentation where I was just watching and not interacting. …

Several associates of mine and I have all experienced Windows 10 black screens, pretty much since Windows 10 1903.

The symptom is that the screen turns off per your setting.

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Then it won’t come back on.

The PC isn’t really powered down. Often you can hear the fan running or the hard drive working away.

What we have been doing is just holding down the power key until the PC shuts down. Then restarting the PC and all is well, for a while.

One of my workarounds is to disable the screen powering down and just turning the power off to it when I’m not using it. …

KnowBe4 has an interesting back story. They have an excellent Enterprise Security Awareness Training program that my organization highly recommends.

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I follow their blog.

A recent article was a real eye opener. It described how bad actors can spoof phising links by using hover texts.

In summary, HTML has the capability to display pop-up text when the cursor hovers over a link. The bad actors use this capability to distract the user from looking at the real link which appears in the lower left corner of the browser window.

My recommendation — with your cursor hovering over the link, right click and choose “Copy link address”.

Then open Notepad and paste the link. That way you can see where the link will REALLY take you.

If the link is confusing, paste the link into the URL Decoder/Encoder and click “Decode”.

Originally published at https://blog.benmoore.info.

I guess I got your attention with that post title.

I was very happy with Pulse when I was using an Android phone.

But everyone knows that iMessage doesn’t work on Windows.

When I was looking for a high-speed way to backup photos from an iOS device, I came across this article:

[How to] Get iMessage to Work on Windows PC using Dell Mobile Connect on a non dell PC (archive.org)

I figured it was click bait. There’s no telling how many of those rabbits I’ve chased.

But not this one.

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Here’s Dell’s page on Dell Mobile Connect (archive.org).

Now, don’t think that this is as capable as Pulse. For example, with messaging you can only see messages that have taken place while the PC was connected to the iPhone. History isn’t presented. For pictures, when you download them, the files are written into an obscure location that took me ages to find. Then the filenames are some random (to me) string. …

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And they left some stuff out, e.g. “file:” checking.


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